Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Group....The Traveling Baby

I joined a new group that works together to create and sculpt a baby, then send it to the next member to work on it...maybe put together the baby, paint baby, and put hair on the baby. Then on to the next member who might gloss where needed, dressed and clothe the baby. Then to member number four who might make blankets, hats, socks, and shoes. The fifth member might make toys and any accessories needed to help this baby look his best and take completed baby photos. At this time the baby goes back to it original creator/owner and she will have a beautiful baby that has traveled through many states and hands. The owner is supposed to tell a story about their baby. This time the babies traveled to 5 homes...another time they may travel to depends on how many people sign up to be in the travel. My baby turned out to be a newborn baby elf. Here are some beginning pictures of her (I had started putting on her body when everyone decided that it would be easier to paint the babies if they were not put I stopped after I had connected her legs) and you can read about her journey at the blog link:
I was hoping she was a newborn baby girl elf , so I decide to put her hair on and see it she looked like a girl or a boy. I really think she looks like a girl, so I named her Bliss after the village park I found her in....Blissfield Town Park.

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