Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Doll Show

If you want to see the pictures bigger, click on them. The titles don't match the pictures. When I get a few minutes I'll try to fix them...now it is just too much....Sorry

Doll table At Madison Heights Show

Mini Piggy Bank

Sweet yawning Boy Baby

Flower Elves

Reborn Elf Baby

Lady Bug Baby Elf and
Sweet Pea Pod Baby

Sweet Bundle Babies

Flower Elves

Dressed Puppy

Dressed Mice

Chihuahua Puppy

Portrait Kelly Anne

Portrait Baby Tanner

Bundle Babies

Boy Babies and one Girl Baby

Bears, Mouse and Baby

See the little monkey?

Tiffany's mini sculptors and mini toys

Cowboy Billy, Cowgirl Jane, and Baby Cowboy with stick horse

The Girl babies

I was invited to put my sculpted babies in the biggest doll show in Michigan. It was the Madison Heights Doll Show. I went with my granddaughter Tiffany who also sculpts with me. We had a good time. We both took examples of our work and we both sold pieces. The managers of show said that they had never seen OOAK sculpted babies so they were excited to have us in the show. We got many good comments and people said they hoped we would come back to the show in the fall. I got to meet Dorothy Steven who is a wonderful sculptor from Canada and I enjoyed talking to her. Here are our picture of the show.

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