Monday, January 31, 2011

Yeah! One World One Heart Starts Today!

Welcome to the begining of One World One Heart. 
ONE WORLD ONE HEART 2011Check out this link for more details.

This is my first year to be involved in One World One Heart.....and I can't wait to meet all the wonderful bloggers out there. I hope to make some great new friends all over the world.  I am married with two daughters and 7 grandchildren.  I live in Michigan and right now I am in Alabama and Florida trying to get away from all the ice and snow at home.  Soon I will have to head back to my Michigan home....I miss my family too much.   I love artsy the present I am trying to make jewelry, needle felt, sculpt clay...especially realistic OOAK babies, and hand stitch OOAK miniature teddy bears.
Today, I am heading back to Michigan from Idex (International Doll Expo) in Orlando, Florida.  It has been so great because I have met some of my internet baby group friends here for the first time.  Also I have met some other famous sculptors and saw their babies. I bought my first silicone baby here from Rita Rich and this little sweetheart is so tiny and dainty.

 When you visit my blog and this post, just comment and let me know if you are interested in winning a giveaway.  Please tell me where you are from and how I can get in contact with you to tell you if you are a winner.
Now, I want to show you my giveaways....I have three, one for each week.  The first one is a tiny handmade dolly for your dolls, and the other two are handmade mini clay piggy banks.  I have made all three of the giveaways, but, they aren't quite done in the pictures.  I forgot my Genesis heat paints at home, so I will have to paint and finish them next week when we get back to Michigan.  There are 3 piggy banks in the picture but only 2 are for this giveaway.  Good Luck!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I had such a good time at Idex and I even bought my first silicone baby. Here is her picture...she is tiny, dainty, very sweet and named Angelique.

On my left is the sculptor who made her. Her name is Rita Arnold (Rich). She lives in Illinois in the summer and Florida in the winter. I bought some charity raffle drawing tickets so I am hoping Idex will call me and say I won somethings...dreamer...aren't I?

About 11:00am we decided to head for home in Michigan. We drove a little more than 8 hours and got a motel in Clanton, Alabama. After listening to the weather report we found we will probably be driving home through a heavy snow and ice storm. How nice!!!!! I think we should turn around and go back to Florida until it is over. Yeah'll!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Idex Doll Show in Orlando 2011

 Here's my favorite baby in the whole show.  she is Dee's little one.

Some darling mice below.
 Here is Misty's Wee Wonders

 The next two pictures are silicone babies.

 This is Laura Lee's Peapod Babies.

This was needle felting tips.
Some cool OOAK bears and animals.

I'm in Orlando....Yeah

How exciting!  I got to see Misty and Amy.  They are  just as great in person as they are on line.  And they are beautiful too.  Mike and I went to dinner with Amy and two other girls...Brenda and Bernedet (I'm sure this is not spelled right...I'll fix it later.)  Brenda is a beginning sculptor who is a friend of Amy and Bernedet is a eBay seller of doll supplies.  Then in the evening we all met in the hotel lounge and talked and had fun.  Laura Lee Eagles from Peapod nursery. I hoped I would get to meet her...I love her babies.  She was very nice too...I really liked everyone.  Doll baby people are great!
AMY...there is  one in every group....always playing with their phone!

Change In Plans

I didn't have time to get on the computer yesterday but here is what happened.  I talked to Misty and Amy, friends from my yahoo groups, and now I want to get to Idex (International Doll Expo) in Orlando sooner.  So we are going to pack up and leave Friday instead of Saturday.  We did.....but it was hard...we had to wash clothes, pack a million things, clean up condo, and drive over eight hours.  We were tired when we got there..we are staying at Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel and it is beautiful and huge.  It is also expensive.  But the nice part is that the Idex is right here...we wouldn't even have to leave if we didn't want to.  I got the pictures off the internet..they are kind of blurry.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Frustrated in Alabama

I'm so frustrated here....I didn't bring everything I need to do my sculpts.  You can't buy the Genesis paints in craft shops and it is expensive buying things I already have. I also miss my sewing machine, material and ribbons. I was able to finish one sculpted baby bear cub and one tiny hand stitched white bear.  I still need to take pictures of I'll put them in soon.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some New Places You Might Want To See

This is the new Shopping Center near Gulf Shores....It is called The Wharf, and it is not quite done.  Looks like it is going to be a fun place.

Some souvenir shops

the Shark one is pretty old....been there since 1956.
The Purple Octopus is much newer.
I love Destin, Florida.too.  It is not too far from Gulf Shores.  We always have to take a drive there.

Beautifuls blue skies, blue-green water & white sand
Sea gulls everywhere....what more could you ask for?
this is typical of the painted buildings in this area.  This is a fresh seafood shop we buy our shrimp and fish from.  Almost straight off the fishing boat.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Haven't Had Much Time to Sculpt Lately

We are exploring the area we are in staying in a lot lately.  My husband's brother and family have been here for the week and we haven't been here at the Condo much.  We have been to lots of restaurants and beautiful sites in nearby cities.  The Happy Shack is really the Hippy Shack....lots of peace signs and such.This is Hazel' has the cutest resatroom in the South. 
Check it out.
Snow covering the roads in Pensacola, Florida?  Really Beautiful White Sand that just looks like snow.
Doesn't it look like a cold snowy and icy day                                                                in Michigan?       

Look at the cool colored bottle Christmas Tree
I found at the                                                                                                               Beach.                                                                                                                                                                  


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I got My Little Baby Cub Done

I made the black nose for my little creamy white cub and glued it on.  She is all done now.  Now I just have to finish my little jointed Teddy Bear Baby's hat and get her head connected to the body.  I'll put the pictures in here.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Finish up Mini Teddy Bear Then Sculpt, Yeah, I miss Sculpting

I am still sewing a teeny tiny creamy white teddy bear.  This is the 6th hand stitched mini bear I have made.  I started this little cutie when we got in the condo in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  I have her all stitched together now
I need to make her a  clay nose. 

After that I'll show her to my daughter Kelly and see if she wants her for her birthday. If she does, we have to start looking for great tiny vintage buttons to go with this sweet mini bear. If not, I'll have to give her my third little one who is also white and I kind of want to keep her. Time to fire up the clay oven!!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A New Teddy Bear Baby Will Be Ready Soon

  While I was home in Michigan, I started
a jointed Teddy Bear Baby. I made a head with open blue eyes and a very sweet face. I gave her (I think she is a her) some softl light brown mohair  
Almost done...just attach the head, give the baby a haircut......and
make the bear cub hat.