Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Sold Little Amber And Her Nightie And Now Check Out Baby Puppy Boy

What a surprise.....my friend Audrey bought my little toddler Amber from me off eBay.  And Amber is on her way to  Washington State. 
I just put a new bundle baby on eBay....he is newborn baby puppy boy.  He is so cute.  I made his darling little puppy hat with long brown and white puppy ears.  He looks so cute in it.  He has light baby brown mohair and a permanent pacifier.  I also made his tiny blanket just for him.  It is blue flannel with brown and white puppies on it and it is pure white flannel on the other side.  Check him out.

When I look at him I think of my grandson Ben, that I used to call my little puppy.  He is 18 years old now and doesn't like me to call him a puppy.


Ayala Art said...

Carolyn this is so adorable!! Cute, cute cute! And the story of your grandson too Xo)

an-mumla said...

It's just a beautiful doll!