Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Toddler Baby Girl Amber

I just finished a toddler baby girl OOAK sculpt that I named Amber.
 She is about 7 inches with jointed head and limbs and a soft body.  She doesn't have open eyes...she is a sleeping closed eyed baby.

I wish I would have made her eyes open because she can be posed sitting so nicely....she is very easy to pose.  I put a little steel shot in her doeskin body along with the polyfil and it's extra weight always works so nicely.  I used Genesis Heat Paint on her and it worked beautifully.  She has pink glossed lips in a slightly open position.  She has the cutest little button nose and a very peaceful, serene look on her sweet face.  I baked and glued locks of beautiful curly golden blond hair on her little head.  I gave her curly bangs and two long curly pony tailed tied with tiny pink silk ribbons.  She has chubby limbs with baby wrinkles. Her legs are slightly bent with the cutest knees and feet you have ever seen. 

I made her special pink fluffy, furry slippers that tie with pink silk ribbons.
Her fists are closed and can be posed towards her head, out to her sides, or down to her sides.
Her teddy is made of clay and covered with tiny curls of golden bear fur.  It is not jointed. She can hold and cuddle her special OOAK sculpted tiny teddy bear that I made just for her.  She likes to keep her little teddy bear in the cute little hat that matches her fancy full, lacy, ruffly nightie. 

 Her night gown is made of flannel in beautiful colors of pink, white, and lime green.  She loves to twirl around the room in it.  I had her nightie especially made for her, by the seamstress at "Littibug", Stephanie Haskell.

 She is also wearing fancy, lacy, big girl panties because you see Amber says she is "not a baby any more...she is potty trained"!
Amber is for sale on eBay right now and if you would like to see her there...this is the link....

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