Friday, May 21, 2010

Raggedy Ann and My Cowboy, Cowgirl, & Baby Cowboy

I made these heads a long time ago and decided I should finish them up. Ann is a little girl in a Raggedy Ann costume. The costume is hand made and removable. Even the red yarn wig. (I made the wig.) Then Ann can wear any other 6-7" outfits and be a regular girl. See her little knitted Purple dress?

The Cowboy (Billy), and Cowgirl (Jannie), and the Baby Cowboy are all dressed very cute. I made the leather vests, the belts, leather boots for Billy and Jannie, the diaper and bandanna for Baby Cowboy, the leather added to Jannie's pants, and the really cute cow skin blankets. I have a leather cow skin trunk that I can display them in and around with a pony and a leather saddle. I also made a stick and clay brown pony for the cowboy baby. They are all wearing cowboy hats too.

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