Friday, May 21, 2010

There are Even A Little More Babies but...

Above: Two Pictures of the Newborn Baby Girl Yawner in Pink Knit Sweater Set

Left: New Born Baby Boy (Jacob) in Blue Knit Sweater Set

These are the babies that I have made so far in 2010. I have tried to make realistic newborn infants. Each baby has taken me a week or more to complete. I have been experementing with different types of weighting the babies. The boy and girl babies in the hand made onesie have be weighted firmly using Pol Fluff and Pol Beads. They feel nice and tight when you pick them up and can be reasonable posed with this weighting. I really like the way they feel when you pick them up. But when you pose them you sometimes need props or tape, etc.
The boy and girl babies in the hand knited sweater sets have been lightly weighted with Poly Fluff and tiny Glass weighting beads. This makes them light, floppy, and very easy to pose in many positions. I think I really like the poseibility but I'm not sure I like them so light to hold.

Left: Newborn Baby Girl (Emmee) in Pink & White Onesie Set
Left: Newborn Baby Boy in Blue Bear Onesie Set

I know you are getting sick of them. I am. I have sold more than I thought I had. Where did all that money go? Anyway, this year,(2010), I have been really working on making Very Realistic Newborn Babies. I have had to make myself slow down...this is really hard for me because I liked to finish a baby in one day...and now I maybe take a week to complete one. I have been collecting pictures of babies to really see what they look like...ears, eyes, head shape, nose, neck, hands, fingers, feet, toes, tummy, and bum. I have been buying or trying to make only newborn baby clothes. The first three I made are starting to look like newborns. I am posting their pictures. One of the things I am trying hard to do is to make sweeter faces. It is very hard for me...all my faces seem to look too stern and all alike.

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