Friday, May 28, 2010

My Portrait Babies

The next thing I have tried are Portrait Babies. I have finished three Portrait Babies. The first one was a Baby with a Silly Smile. (dressed in a Bunny outfit) I wanted to buy one of eBay ID whiterabbit's babies with silly smile and they always go so high, I can never get them. So I took the picture and tried to make one like them. It kind of looks like them.

Next I found a crying picture of my grandson Tanner soon after he was born , actually, in the delivery room. I made the head first, even glued on hair and it wasn't very good. So I waited a while, pulled off the glued on hair, and put new clay on the old head and resculpted it. It looked much better. This time I baked on sparse medium brown hair and it really turned out good. I bought the cutest white trimmed in baby blue romper with a matching hoodie and booties from my friend Anabell. He looks darling in that outfit.

Then I took my daughter Kelly's hospital picture and copied that one. I really worked hard on this least three days on the head alone. The eyes are just barely open. If I remember right it was hard to get a picture of Kelly with her eyes open. They tried to take them three times and this was the best they got. I also baked on sparse light brown hair. I should have cut more off because Kelly didn't have a lot of hair...especially in the front. But the mohair looked so pretty, I just couldn't make it so short. The whole sculpt took me well over a week. I made the fingers on one hand spread out like Kelly's right hand was in the picture. I made one leg stretched out and the other one pulled up so she could look like she was trying to wiggle when she was on her tummy. I also dressed her in one of Anabell's dainty white trimmed in pink crocheted outfits. It was a sweater with flower embroideries, a plain white top, shorts in white with pink trim and matching booties.

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LoveAutumnRain said...

Your dolls are just *amazing* and absolutely beautiful! I just had to let you know.. I have only just begun trying to make OOAK mini dolls, and yours are some of the best I have seen! : )