Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm in Orlando....Yeah

How exciting!  I got to see Misty and Amy.  They are  just as great in person as they are on line.  And they are beautiful too.  Mike and I went to dinner with Amy and two other girls...Brenda and Bernedet (I'm sure this is not spelled right...I'll fix it later.)  Brenda is a beginning sculptor who is a friend of Amy and Bernedet is a eBay seller of doll supplies.  Then in the evening we all met in the hotel lounge and talked and had fun.  Laura Lee Eagles from Peapod nursery. I hoped I would get to meet her...I love her babies.  She was very nice too...I really liked everyone.  Doll baby people are great!
AMY...there is  one in every group....always playing with their phone!

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