Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Second Hand Stitch Bear

I decided to try an old fashion long armed creamy white bear next. She is styled after the antique bears of yesteryears. I named her Arabella. She is about 2 inches. I filled her body and chest with steel shot also. then used the polly-fill on the neck, head, and limbs. She sits nicely, but it is harder to make her stand...the long front paws make it hard to balance easily. She has black glass bead eyes and an embroidered nose, mouth, and paw claws. I made her at Halloween time and those long arms made me decide to make her a Ghost Costume. I made it out of Cheesecloth (starched). then I decorated it with cute tiny Halloween buttons and a Jack-o-lantern jingle bell.
It is first little bear looked like a boy cub to me and this little one looks like a girl cub. It seems to be just like it is with sculpted babies, you don't know if they are boys or girls until you are done making them.
One of my good sculpting friends from Canada saw Arabella on Facebook and bought her from me....Arabella now has a happy home.


Ayala Art said...

Arabella is so sweet! Very nicely done Carolyn!

BabesbyBarb said...

she is adorable Carolyn

Donna said...

What a sweetie! Nice work, Carolyn.

Carolyn or Connee said...

Thanks for the sweet comments, girls.