Wednesday, March 9, 2011 they come!

My youngest daughter, Jewel, and her daughter, Tiffany, went on Spring break to Cancun.  They are having fun....a great time.  I wish I had thought to go with them.  I love the beach, sand, shells, ocean, and hot weather.
I am home in the cold, snowy, and icy Michigan.....grumbling I might add.
I have been having fun going to my granddaughter Destany's basketball games.  She is quite a good player and it is fun to take pictures of her.

Here she is making a basket...go Dessy...                                                        Look how tall she is!  She is a twin...she has a brother named Dakota and he plays basketball too...Double D Trouble there if you are playing against Blissfield, the teams they play for.

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