Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Need To Make Some Mini Hand Stitched Bears NOW!

I need to have some hand stitched bears made for a show in Columbus, OH by April 17th.  I keep making bears but they are not for my show. I have a tiny head of a bear I started in Costa Rica...guess I better work on it.

 Have I shown you all the bear I made for Kelly's birthday?  I don't think so.  I think this is the number 6 bear.  I think Jewel's Christmas bear was number 5...I'll have to check on this.  I got this numbering fixed so they are correct now.

 Here are some working pictures of the tiny little thing I made for Kelly.
I started her in Alabama...I haven't finished her nose here

I had to buy a special convection toaster oven down in Alabama........forgot mine at home and I needed to make a polymer clay nose for this little one.

Her head moves very easy from side to side.
She is a active little thing....climbing all over the thread spools...she will keep Kelly busy.
But she is a loving handful too.

Almost done here.  Here she is with her cute little black nose.  I still need to work on her mouth.  I think I want to put lavender ribbons on her.

I was going to give her some vintage buttons but I'm not sure where to put them
...on a long ribbon.....on a cute little pillow...or maybe a quilt? 

What about this made into a quilt or pillow with vintage buttons added?

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Sunshineshelle said...

You are busy!!! OK won't waste your time but had to say... ADORABLE!