Monday, March 14, 2011

Tiffany And I Were Pretty Busy On Saturday

Here are the things we worked on.  Tiffany made new things and I tried to finish up some things I had started.
Here's my things.
The Bunny in the basket was something new.  I made the bunny out of plush looks like it is needle felted doesn't it?

I had started the head the other day but I needed to paint and put hair on it.  Can you see that the tongue is curled and ready to nurse?

The Little girl needed long blond curls, so I glued them on and tied them with a ribbon.  I wish I had made this little girl have open eyes.  She sits up so nicely.  Since her eyes are closed I think she needs a night gown and I don't have one...I will have to find one to buy.

I had two baby teddy bear cubs made...and I wanted to make one more.  I made this one a little blond girl with delicate features and she is sleeping.

This picture is a little blurry but I like they way it shows this little girl's sweet face.

This baby Teddy Bear Girl was already made but I gave her tiny eye lashes.

Here are all three of the Baby Teddy Bear Cubs!  They all have bear cub hats that will come off and they all have mohair on their sweet heads.

Here is my messy work table after I finished everything.  Wheeeee!  Worked all afternoon and well up into morning.  What fun!

Tiffany was hard at work on this green blob of clay...what was it going to be?

Here it is....a Baby Dragon!

Isn't it sweet?
This little one is cute from all sides.

The finished product. Tiffany is a great little artist.

Then I asked if she would have time to make me some little bear pacifiers. 
Of course she did!

I had said earlier that I wish I could find a little giraffe on eBay and before I knew it she had made one just for me.  What a surprise?


Just what I wanted.
Thank you Tiffany.

Here he is...right on my top shelf of my Baby Curio.

Right by my baby elephant.

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Rosanna Pereyra said...

Everything is so adorable!!