Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guess What?

My basement is flooded again for the second time in this month...The last time it was because the power was off for three days and the snow was melting and now it seems the sump pump is burnt could that be?  It is only 3 or 4 year old.  I had stored summer clothes and such in plastic tubs and stacked them on top of each other.  Well, they floated, tipped over, and filled with water.  I'm trying to dry out and wash and dry what I can. 

This is the culprit...the rotten sump pump that failed and made my basement flood....twice in one month.

 A whole bunch of my Christmas books were in a blue basket on top of the wouldn't you think? safe...tipped over and upside down in about 2 feet of water.
That is what made me the saddest.  I have had many of those books since my daughters were little and I usually put the big blue basket of Christmas books out by the tree for each Christmas.  Well, I was able to save three I think and I'll just order the special ones off eBay and get them as  presents in the mail...just love to get  presents in the mail.  Then this summer when garage sales start I will look for new great Christmas books and fill that basket back up with better books.

I have been coughing for almost 3 weeks...from working in the basement the last time it flooded...wonder how sick I will get and how long I will cough now?  Smile, I know it could be worse!

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Glenda said...

that is awful, I have been flooded out twice in my lfe and it is heartbreaking.,Hope you get to save some of your books,.love from Glenda