Sunday, March 27, 2011

A New Mini Hand Stitched Bear

I have a new mini bear that I am almost ready to show.  She is so is her little head.

She is a teeny tiny creamy white one that is a fairy.  My first "Fairy Bear"!  She has lovely little yellow wings that can be removed and a tiny gold sparkly bow around her neck.  I still have to finish her hat and I have to paint the head of a pin gold and then her hat will be removable.  She is cute without the hat so.....I didn't want to make it not removable.  As soon as the hat is done and put on her, I will take pictures and put some on here.  Here she is:

Can you see the little black base she is standing on?  I made that so easy and it makes a great stand for Miniature Bears.  It is a on a spice containor that you can flip up the top if you don't want to screw it off.  Then I put a small rubber band around the flip and closed the flip part.  You can easily slip the feet of the bear under the rubber band and it stands.


Audrey/ Kicks 'n' Giggles Nursery said...

She is darling Carolyn! ;)

Laura said...

How cute! What a clever idea for the stand!

Barbara said...

this one is going to be adorable

Ayala Art said...

What a cutie! The stand is a great idea too!

Anonymous said...

Awww just precious, Carolyn,

Sunshineshelle said...

This is adorable!!